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Got a story? You’re not alone. We’ve gathered testimonials from American tech workers who want to share their experiences. Read them below.

Tony’s Story

I am a member of the 'endangered species' - a white male tech worker born in America. I have been working as a contractor at a large tech firm for several years. In 2006, the workforce here consisted of a reasonable mix of foreign nationals.  Most had been at the firm...

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S & P’s Story

My wife and I support your cause and we strongly believe that US workers should come first before foreign workers. Our voices need to be heard. We live in the Washington DC area and we both are Tech workers. Please let us know if we can be of any help to your cause....

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Seth’s Story

After witnessing abuses for the past three years, I thought I would provide a “complete picture” of grand scam that is the H1B visa program. I am myself of Indian origin and have been a US Citizen for 15 years. I’m an insider who knows how H-1B is wiping out the hopes...

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Barry’s Story

Hello, First, I’d like to thank those behind this great informative website. I’d like to provide insights on issues at the two GSE companies, Freddie and Fannie. I wish someone would investigate how their IT division ended up with almost 90% Indian and Chinese workers...

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SS’s Story

Hello,  I am writing to congratulate you on getting your campaign exposed to the world. As a resident in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985 and a child of an Indian, I have grown up admiring the tech major graduates from schools like Standord, San Jose state and...

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