Trump’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

On November 11, Chad Wolf, acting Under Secretary for Strategy, Policy and Plans at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and former Chief of Staff for Kirstjen Nielsen who served for two years as DHS Secretary, will replace Kevin McAleenan as Secretary for DHS.

As his reason for resigning, McAleenan said he wanted to spend more time with family. It’s too bad, because, according to Wikipedia, McAleenan had some chops. He practiced law and then after 9/11 joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he worked in a number of anti-terrorism roles. Following his tenure there, he became the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. So, he had solid experience when it came to immigration policy and border protection.

Tragically, this is not the case with his soon-to-be replacement. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Wolf hightailed it to Washington, D.C., and became a staffer for such notables as Phil Gramm, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Chuck Hagel. Later, he worked for the Transportation Security Administration.

Then, as is oftentimes the case, Wolf parlayed his experience on the Hill and government into a lucrative job working with Wexler and Walker (WW), a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm. During his time at WW, in a brief titled, “Wolf Lobbied for Indian Outsourcing Companies,” Politico reported that Wolf:

“… lobbied in 2015 and 2016 on behalf of a trade association that represents Indian information technology and outsourcing companies, according to related lobbying disclosure forms. Wolf, who spent more than a decade at the lobbying firm Wexler Walker before joining the Trump administration, worked to advance immigration issues for the National Association of Software and Services Companies, known as NASSCOM, according to the documents. In one sample filing in late 2016, Wexler Walker earned $60,000 for the service, which targeted members of the Congress.”

As the brief also noted, “NASSCOM has fought for years against proposals that seek to penalize so-called ‘H-1B dependent’ companies.”

For U.S. Tech Workers, this is akin to putting the fox (or in this case, the wolf) in charge of protecting the hen house. Wolf did the bidding of the very interests who work day and night to displace American knowledge workers. He might claim to recuse himself from employment visa issues, but let’s get real. He was Chief of Staff to Kirstjen Nielsen, a person who was never on board with truly restricting and regulating immigration in a manner that benefited the American worker.

In the film “Moneyball,” the Oakland Athletics’ manager needs to make up for the loss of a few key players, but has a limited budget. Enter Peter Brand, a Yale economics graduate with radical ideas about how to assess player value. Using Brand’s algorithm, they assemble a team that clinches the 2002 American League title and just barely misses winning the World Series.

Whether it is on the pitch, in a business or in government, the team we assemble is critically important to ultimate success. What if the A’s had recruited a few key players that really weren’t that concerned with supporting the owners or winning a pennant? If it were a team you were a fan of, you probably wouldn’t want them on it.

That is how I feel about Chad Wolf. I don’t want him in any government agency dealing with immigration, border security or employment visas. I’ve been told not to worry; it is only a year, and then he will be gone. Regardless, even if he is gone by the end of 2020, Wolf, in the critical position of leader of DHS, could do a great deal of harm to our movement.

U.S. Tech Workers, instead of a 21-gun salute to welcome Chad Wolf on November 11, let’s deliver a broadside to the White House starting on Monday. Let’s tell POTUS we are not only unhappy with this decision, but we are beginning to see that he could be more “controlled opposition,” rather than defender of America’s working men and women.

Displaced tech workers joined Trump on stages in 2016, and he promised to redress the wrongs caused by globalists. Tell him we will remember next November if he does not keep his campaign promises.