Sumair’s Story

I am a naturalized U.S. citizen of South Asian descent. I have worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years and have witnessed not only H-1B visa abuse, but OPT and H4EAD abuse. Because of my high-level qualifications working as a systems architect, Indian contracting companies would bring me on to delegate a team (all H-1Bs), but they would want me to train them on the technology. I complied at first. But then I was laid off, and the foreign H-1B workers that I had trained remained employed. My employers used me to transfer my knowledge to cheaper H-1B visa workers, and then fired me because I was “expensive” in their eyes.

I began to see the pattern. I would be brought in on contract jobs for these contracting companies, and then asked to train other members of the team who all happened to be H-1Bs, OPTs and H4EADs. Here is the little kept secret regarding the H4EAD workers, who are spouses of the H-1B visa workers – they are all Indian women who have no degrees or IT experience, but are looking for a job once they get the H4EAD permit. Their H-1B husbands talk to their Indian employers about getting their spouses jobs at the same Indian IT firm that they are working at. The employers train the H4EAD spouses to work in IT and fudge up their resume by posting bogus work experiences.

Indian nepotism is also at play here. An Indian IT manager will hold a job at a client-side company, then contract the work out to his Indian friend who owns an IT consultancy business and hires predominantly H-1Bs, OPTs and H4EADs. The Indian IT manager at the client side gets huge commissions for every project he can “outsource” to another IT consultancy company. If you are an American IT firm, forget about ever getting any business, because Indians help other Indians.

Being a South Asian does not grant me any special privileges. The fact that I am an American citizen is what harms me, because I cannot be controlled by accepting lower pay for jobs. If I am brought for the job at the fair market price, I will not last that long, because the employer wants me to quickly transfer the knowledge to his visa workers. H-1B, OPT, L-1 and H4EAD are blatant scams harming our country’s workers.


9 Dec. 2019