Stacy’s Story

(abridged letter sent to President Trump)

First, I want to thank you for being the great American President you are and for caring about and looking out for the great American citizens and workers. We thank you for that.

I’m the son of a sharecropper. I picked cotton from the time I was big enough to carry my own pick sack until I married. My wife and I have been married 47 years and have 7 children and 14 grandchildren.

I began working for TVA in 1975 as a carpenter’s apprentice. Currently, I’m the system administrator on TVA’s core team that’s responsible for installing a $20 million computer system. Our team and the entire IT department have been praised and thanked multiple times this summer for our outstanding performance.

So it was shocking and devastating to be notified on July 23 that IT leadership had decided our team and a total of 40 workers would be terminated, and our work done by others. This brings the total planned outsourced jobs to more than 200 in TVA information technology alone. We believe there are more planned to come.

The three companies chosen to do the IT work are all three foreign companies that depend heavily on H1-B workers. We’re required to train these, our replacements, as you said.

Apparently, we’re good enough to train but not retain.

Using H1-B workers to replace capable and willing American citizens is turning entire American communities upside down. Left unchecked, it will turn our nation upside down and negatively impact our national security as certainly as our 50-year build-up of dependence on China for manufacturing has. Thank you, President Trump, for beginning to reverse that hive-centric mistake.

American patriots will forever be grateful that you’re also acting and fought the misguided and out-of-control H1-B worker program. I thank you for Americans first and acting to stop this travesty.

3 Aug. 2020