SS’s Story

I am writing to congratulate you on getting your campaign exposed to the world. As a resident in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985 and a child of an Indian, I have grown up admiring the tech major graduates from schools like Stanford, San Jose State and Cogswell Polytech to one day being a part of this industry myself. However, since the 90s I have noticed a growing number of foreign countries, in particular India, sending their low par employees to do a job which employees here should have been given an opportunity to do first. Since the mid-2000s, it became even more elaborate to the level that every major tech company in San Francisco has been bringing in tech workers from South India. A point in fact: since 2010 there were more than THIRTY South Indian restaurants opened within a five-mile radius of each other. 

Furthermore, I noticed that these tech workers do not have the etiquette of living in America. As I chat with some of these so-called tech workers, they can’t even explain a process of how a computer turns on and functions. When my friend and I were growing up in the Bay Area, we were taught by our parents to appreciate what America stands for, quality and equality for all. We worked hard since middle school to get good grades, and during high school years worked part time to save up for college. Because we thought that if we work hard, stay true to ourselves and our country, we will be successful one day. Now in our 40s I see that we are still working hard to make ends meet. Why is this happening? Why are foreign workers coming in getting $100K a year?

These tech workers seems like they are from one area of India. Digging even deeper into this situation, India is a vast country and despite this fact why are there only workers from one region of the country? This makes me believe that there is a severe case of nepotism happening here.

This has got to stop. What will happen to our children who spend so much money going to colleges with expensive tuition fees with no sign of opportunity on the horizon for them where they live and want to thrive. 


5 April 2018