Open Letter to President Trump – STOP DISPLACING SKILLED U.S. WORKERS!

March 15, 2019


The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Subject:  Meeting Request

Dear Mr. President:

During your presidential campaign, you said that your top priority was to put America and Americans first when it comes to jobs and immigration. This is why I, along with enough citizens to ensure your victory, voted for you.

So it was a shock for me to see you tweet in January, and then follow-up with subsequent statements, that you now want to bring in more foreign workers. Based on your tweets and comments since January, I believe you are being poorly served by your advisors. For this reason, I am submitting a formal request for you to have a round-table meeting with American STEM, IT and tech workers.

I myself am an educated and experienced IT/tech worker who has worked on many high-profile government and private enterprise strategic technology deployments. I now have been without a job for nearly two years.

During your campaign, you shared the stage with American IT workers who were displaced by foreign visa holders. You know how American workers were displaced by imported foreigner workers at Disney, Best Buy, Molina Healthcare, Southern California Edison, Fossil Watch, University California San Francisco Medical Center, ADP, et al. Many are no longer working IT; those who are may now be working for less money, have fewer benefits and little to no job security. Wages in this sector are flat, an indicator that there is no shortage of skilled workers.

Like me, these displaced American tech workers don’t need retraining – they had to train their foreign visa holding replacements. Right now, our universities are graduating more than twice as many STEM grads as there are jobs. But if training is so important, why are we allowing the OPT program to be a training vehicle for foreign students at taxpayer expense, instead of training American citizens first?

All this is happening while more than 700,000 visa holders in this country nudge recent graduates and experienced workers out of jobs.

We have plenty of American know-how without having to import mostly cheap, indentured labor, often with poor credentials. You said this as much yourself in your State of the Union address when you talked about the Apollo Moon mission and winning the Cold War. These major accomplishments were all before the massive influx of cheap foreign labor that started about 25 years ago. With pluck and the American entrepreneurial spirit, Bill Gates founded Microsoft; Michel Dell, Dell Computers; Larry Ellison, Oracle; Marc Andreesen, Netscape; Gordon Moore, Intel and on and on.

We request this meeting to inform you of how dysfunctional our tech labor market is when it comes to “job creation” and “sourcing”/ recruiting – finding people to fill these jobs. Right now, most of the jobs I find out about are through third-party job brokers – we call them “body shops.” Most of them work from India.

Currently, the tech workforce in Silicon Valley is more than 70 percent foreign-born. According to a 2014 Center for Immigration Studies report, all employment growth since 2000 went to immigrants. This is both colonization and displacement of our American citizen tech/STEM workers.

These statistics reflect the efforts of top executives, such as Tim “Apple” and Ginni “IBM” to develop their own private labor market of cheap, indentured foreign workers at the expense of American citizens. This is NOT “hire Americans first.” It is a most egregious example of corporate welfare leveraged off of our sovereignty to the detriment of American citizens trying to work in their chosen professions.

I humbly and ardently request that you meet with American STEM/tech workers who have been displaced – who have been doing the work, who have been the lion’s share of the workforce that built the IT industry in America. We want to help you keep your campaign promises to put America first and hire Americans first, and can discuss how to do that.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my request.


H.A. Furst