No Time to Rest on our Laurels

Dear All:

I don’t think I would be far off the mark if I were to say that this was the best week ever for U.S. Tech Workers! As detailed in a communication that went out Wednesday, eight Tennessee Valley Authority workers, their union representatives and I went to the White House for the signing of an Executive Order that will be the first of several targeting an end to the displacement of Americans through the use of employment visa programs.

This is a huge success for the workers at TVA and for other workers across the country.

More than 1,100 articles on the meeting with the President made their way into mainstream and social media channels. Beyond the historic win for workers, even more rewarding was to see how much hope this brought to other workers. I read in the New York Post about a General Electric plant in Schenectady, New York, where one worker said, “I almost spit my coffee out” while reading about what Donald Trump did to TVA leaders for outsourcing tech jobs…. He’s a hero in this building … Our plea is please do not send more of our work overseas.”

But even with something as momentous as Monday’s signing in D.C., the remainder of the week found U.S. Tech Workers and the tech warriors of the SWAT team hotly engaged in another attempt to block S. 386/H.R. 1044, with the Lee Amendments, from passing before the Senate departed Washington for its August recess. A last-minute attempt to insert an amendment by Sen. Rick Scott of Florida derailed it – at least for now.

We also suffered two more setbacks this week that in the long run will make the work of everyone advocating on behalf of workers a bit more difficult. They were the primary race losses by Kris Kobach in Kansas and Manny Sethi in Tennessee. Both candidates clearly understood the impact unbridled immigration and abuse of our employment visa programs has on our productive classes.

Both men ran good races and are real fighters. But in the end, they could not overcome the centrist candidates that had the support and backing of the globalists and chambers of commerce. This loss is of course compounded by the loss of Sen. Jeff Sessions in his primary race last month.

A Senate with Sessions, Kobach and Sethi would have made effective immigration reform a fait accompli. But now we will be back to slogging it out to get the relief we need. We have no choice at this point but to turn our attention to the work of building out our movement with tech workers actively engaged in each and every legislative district. If we show the elected officials a highly engaged movement, we will force their hand. But that is the way of things, I suppose. Nothing good is ever given. Nothing worthy was ever gained without hard work. Fortunately, we are up for the task!

I mentioned above that Sen. Scott of Florida, temporarily derailed S. 386/H.R. 1044, with the Lee Amendments, and as to be expected, the bottom-feeding Immigration Voice organization has provided guidance to its followers to harass Sen. Scott. These foreigners here in the U.S., and their friends and family living abroad, terrorize any legislator who opposes these Green Card giveaway bills.

It would be really helpful if everyone reading this could provide Scott and his staff some “covering fire” as he endures these attacks. It is easy enough to do. Simply call his office at 202.224.5274 and tell him THANK YOU for stopping S. 386. You can also email him at:

    • (Chief of Staff)

In closing, I want to thank you for your continued support for this essential movement. All we have accomplished over the past couple of years would not be possible without your moral and financial support. Thank you!

In Solidarity.