Meet the man who will defeat President Donald Trump in 2020

President Trump campaigned for sweeping immigration reforms as a candidate. His immigration policies were so distinguishable from his opponent Hillary Clinton and the global elites that it made him deeply unpopular. However, the same policies raised the voter enthusiasm to a new high; millions of forgotten men and women found a man who was thinking about them. This man was not treating his own citizens as second class citizens and importing foreigners in masses. This man – Donald Trump – revered as “a man sent by God”, will be in the ballot again in 2020 presidential election.

President Trump has passed several legislation in his two years of presidency that no other president perhaps has in their two full terms. His America First policies has shaken the world foreign policy but in a good way. As a result, economy is doing better, less Americans are on food stamps, more Americans have jobs, wages are rising and the forgotten men and women are no longer forgotten.

The question is whether president Trump would be re-elected in 2020. All the pundits in 2016 destroyed their credibility because of apparent bias or pure incompetency in conducting polls. 2020 will be different though. In 2016, voters did not know Mr. Trump’s governing records since he was not a politician. In 2020, he would face questions on his accomplishments.

Watch the video to see the candidate who would able to defeat President Donald Trump.
Meet the man who will defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 presidential election