Letter To Congressman Brad Morris

U.S. Tech Workers, the time has never been more critical to act to save your livelihoods.  Our Congress needs to hear from you and up to now – they haven’t.  So, sign off of your social media account, go online and learn the mailing address of your Congressman and Senator and write them a letter.  Pro-employment visa program interests spend huge sums of money lobbying Congress because they do not have the numbers!  A handful of letters regardless of where your representative stands on the issue, could be all they need to wave away the corporate and foreign interests.

Below is a letter Hilarie Gamm sent a Congressman. It is effective because it is instructive and informs him as to what is going on in his district.  Our H-1B database can help you get this kind of information.  Further, if you need help in composing your letter, reach out to us at .

ltr to congressman brad morris