Jeff’s Story

I am a computer programmer in Dublin, Ohio, and have been in IT since the early 1990s.

First of all, I care ever so much about this country, our technology and our future generations. Indian IT immigration efforts around H1-B, OPT and other immigration statuses have done much damage to the IT industry in this county and to the American IT worker. Now this: A Green Card giveaway to displace millions of Americans. This can’t be about to happen.

IT professionals in a company used to be highly regarded by all levels of management but are now expendable and compared to shopping for a gallon of milk. These were upper middle-class people with college degrees who have lost or, as it seems now, are about to lose everything. Real stories! Many have families, homes, children gone to college. Or, some like me, have family members with very serious health issues.

My wife, for example, has Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. These diseases have left her wheelchair-bound and require assisting living for all ADLs, costing me over $8,000 a month. Many nights I cry myself to sleep thinking about what would happen if I lost my job and was unable to pay for the care, including skilled nursing, my wife receives. I have to ask myself – would my life be worth living, where would my wife be, what kind of care will she receive? What is in store for my daughter, her children?

Many dark days and nights would be ahead of me resulting from a job loss. The IT Indian Green Card giveaway will damage our livelihood, my family and many generations to come in this country. My story, I’m afraid, is not unique, as all Americans have something similar going on. Losing a job in the only career they have ever known is devastating/life threatening.


30 Jan. 2020