Immigration Bill Continues to Hurt Citizens

Dear All:

Outside of the weather, the biggest thing to drop on us this week was the Biden administration’s U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. The bill is a cornucopia of bad immigration policy, as well as deeply flawed if not out-and-out delusional thinking on how best to deal with legal and illegal immigration.

As the title would presuppose, various sections of the bill have little to do with reforming our immigration and work visa programs and everything to do with granting citizenship and creating a pathway to displace citizens as expeditiously as possible. So, what is to like in this giant-sized bill that sports more than 100 provisions?

Although I haven’t had a chance to dig fully into the bill that was dropped late yesterday afternoon, on the surface I can confidently say that there is little to nothing to like about it.

For instance, Section 3401 of the act entitled “Doctoral STEM graduates from accredited United States universities” essentially creates a class of immigrant eligible for an employment visa if s/he graduates from an accredited U.S. university with an advanced science, technology, engineering and/or math degree.

There are of course other provisions that include addressing the visa backlog, eliminating employment-based per-country cap quotas, increasing the number of worker visas and increasing the number of H-4 EADs. None of this looks good for tech workers.

If there is a bright spot, it is that the bill as is doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. There are roughly 40 democrats who are seat-insecure going into the 2022 elections and can be counted on to not want to explain to their constituents why they voted for such a terrible bill. Moreover, the Democratic Party holds only a five-seat majority in the House.

That said, the bill provides fodder for dozens of smaller, single-purpose bills crafted to change one facet of immigration. By example, we could see a separate bill for an agricultural worker amnesty or a separate H-4 EAD bill.

Much of the damage to tech workers has already happened. As I mentioned in a prior letter, through Executive Order and administrative skullduggery, the administration has blocked the H-1B Specialty Occupation/Employer-Employee Relationship Rule that targets outsourcing companies, delayed implementation of the Wage Level Increase Rule and delayed – and will eventually block – the H-1B Lottery Wage Selection Rule.

More to the point is that all of these moves represent the absolute contempt the administration has for the working men and women of this country. Because the provisions of this bill are so outlandish, it serves the purpose of moving the Overton Window so far to the crazy that the most that could be hoped for in any future negotiation is an outcome that is “a little less bad.”

Our elites have no clue as to how immigration works and are simply setting us up for bigger disasters down the road. Citizens (whether native born or naturalized) will be hammered as they are discarded in favor of high-profit margins for the globalists.

We will continue our work of educating the public and lawmakers as to the consequences of really bad legislation such as the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. Defeating bad immigration policies will require more resources. Because we receive limited funding from larger foundations that mainly keep the lights on, we also need public support that enables us to invest in grassroot projects that target these bad policies. Please consider becoming a monthly subscriber to our organization for the price of a cup of coffee by following the link below. We really appreciate it!

In Solidarity.