Hilarie Gamm Sets The Guardian Straight On What is Really Hurting the Middle Class

When it comes to the Hollowing Out of the U.S. Middle Class, Hilarie Gamm sets the record straight where others ignore the obvious

The reality is – robots and automation actually create jobs, create efficiencies and improve dangerous working conditions to the benefit of all.  Economic expansion and improved quality are direct results of increased automation and robotics – and if applied within the confines of the U.S. market – would undoubtedly improve middle class working conditions and increase paychecks as blue collar works turns to “new” collar work.

U.S. immigration – both legally through H1B, OPT, F1, L and illegal immigration are the key culprits in the steady decline of the U.S. middle class.  Today immigration coupled with the ease of offshoring a majority of middle class professions in the absence of national data restrictions which allow the free flow of data across country lines are the true gremlins of U.S. middle class erosion.

Minimum wage U.S. workers are consistently displaced by illegal immigrants, making the historic ease of ascension to the Middle Class currently impossible.  The millions of U.S. tech workers, accountants, customer service reps, and back-end professionals who have been replaced by foreigners abroad and within the U.S. have produced wage stagnation and significant decline in middle class job opportunities across the nation.  Visa proliferation enabling the education and hiring of foreign nationals specifically into STEM fields in the U.S. has produced a steady reduction in the number of  U.S. born citizens pursuing STEM occupations and remaining employed.

Don’t believe the newest Silicon Valley myth….robots and AI are not to be feared….Silicon Valley is using this newest tall tale to disguise the reality that  educational opportunities and jobs are going to non-U.S. citizens before Americans….US professionals are being replaced by foreign labor – NOT Robots or AI.