Give to Save the Jobs of U.S. Workers


American Workers Need Your Help

In 2021, U.S. Tech Workers and our parent organization, Progressives for Immigration Reform, made history. We had the audacity to cry “foul!” as one of the largest federal employers prepared to outsource jobs to foreign workers. We took on Goliath and won!





But sadly, there are many more battles to fight and giants to slay. Every day employers and elected officials find new reasons and new ways to outsource U.S. jobs to foreign workers and exploit employment-based visa programs, as U.S. workers are sidelined.


In response, we must intensify our efforts, and you can be our greatest ally.


On Giving Tuesday, we ask you to give generously to U.S. Tech Workers. Give us the firepower to help us shake up Washington, and Wall Street. No job is safe – until all jobs are safe.


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In solidarity,


Kevin Lynn
Founder, U.S. Tech Workers

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