FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump pick for attorney general set for grilling by Dem 2020 hopefuls; New caravan U.S.-bound

FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump pick for attorney general set for grilling by Dem 2020 hopefuls; New caravan U.S.-bound

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Developing now, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019

BARR EXAM: The confirmation hearing for William Barr, President Trump’s nominee to be the nation’s next attorney general, will begin Tuesday, and it may resemble an audition stage for Democrats hoping to run for president in 2020 Several Democratic senators thought to be potential presidential contenders in 2020 — including Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar — are set to grill Barr. Although the 68-year-old nominee is expected to ultimately win confirmation in the Republican-controlled Senate, Tuesday’s questioning affords Democrats another major opportunity to send sparks flying and promote their own White House ambitions.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., the new chairman of the Judiciary Committee, will oversee the hearing. Barr’s views on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe will be a major topic, and he is expected to tell the committee that he believes Mueller should be permitted to conclude his investigation and that the findings should be made public.


BORDER TROOPS MISSION EXTENDED, TRUMP DOUBLES-DOWN: The Pentagon on Monday extended the military’s mission on the southern border by eight months amid the ongoing partial government shutdown as President Trump vowed to “never, ever back down” in his fight with Democrats over funding for a border wall In a statement, the Defense Department said Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan had approved a Dec. 27 request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to extend and expand the troops’ role. There are currently roughly 2,350 active-duty troops currently supporting the border mission, down from a high of nearly 6,000 late last year.

The extension of the U.S. troops’ mission at the border comes as new caravan of at least 500 migrants late Monday began its perilous journey from Honduras to the U.S. border.
U.S. military support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was previously set to expire Jan. 31, is now slated to end on Sept. 30.

In an address Monday at the American Farm Bureau convention in New Orleans, Trump said there was “no substitute” for a physical barrier along the southern border with Mexico and accused Democrats of playing politics in their refusal to negotiate. However, new polling suggests the president is losing the battle of public opinion with the shutdown in its fourth week and hundreds of thousands of federal workers missing their first paychecks under the shutdown.

KING PUNISHED OVER ‘WHITE SUPREMACIST’ CONTROVERSY: Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was stripped of his committee assignments by his fellow House Republicans Monday evening following bipartisan condemnation of King’s recent remarks on white supremacy and white nationalism … In a formal statement, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said King’s comments were “beneath the dignity of the Party of Lincoln and the United States of America. His comments call into question whether he will treat all Americans equally, without regard for race and ethnicity. House Republicans are clear: We are all in this together, as fellow citizens equal before God and the law.”

In a statement of his own, King insisted that his comments had been “completely mischaracterized” and blasted McCarthy for what King called “a political decision that ignores the truth.”

DETAILS OF KIDNAPPED TEEN’S HORROR REVEALED: A small, white-paneled room – strewn with stuffed animals, makeup accessories, a panda backpack and mattress – is believed to be the hellish makeshift prison where Jayme Closs was held for 88 days before her miraculous Thursday escape … It’s not yet known whether the 13-year-old’s alleged captor, Jake Thomas Patterson, kept her solely confined to the room of his remote house in Gordon, Wis., for the three months she allegedly spent in his clutches, or if she was only hidden away there when other people were in the area.

But police said it was the lair of a killer and kidnapper. Authorities said they recovered a shotgun that is consistent with the gun used on Oct. 15, when Patterson is alleged to have blasted through the front door of the Closs house and gunned down Jayme’s parents, James and Denise Closs.

The criminal complaint filed Monday offered the most detailed account yet of the attack on the Closs couple and the cruel conditions under which their daughter was held.
Patterson, 21, was charged Monday with two counts of intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed burglary. A judge set his bail at $5 million cash. Prosecutors say more charges could come later.

BREXIT ON THE BRINK: British Prime Minister Theresa May made an urgent last push to swing lawmakers’ support behind her seemingly doomed Brexit deal before Tuesday’s key vote, warning that its defeat risked torpedoing the U.K.’s departure from the European Union and “betraying the vote of the British people” … May said history books would judge Parliament harshly if lawmakers did not back Britain’s orderly exit from the EU when they vote on the agreement Tuesday. May said rejecting her deal would lead either to a reversal of Brexit — overturning voters’ decision in a 2016 referendum — or to Britain leaving the bloc without a deal, damaging the country’s economy, security and unity.

However, opposition to May’s deal remains strong. A defeat on Tuesday would throw Brexit plans into disarray just weeks before the U.K. is scheduled to withdraw from the bloc.


DEMOCRATS GO FISHING – “The committee was founded in 1814 to oversee government expenditures. His interpretation is, they should be investigating anything and everything that has to do with Donald Trump.” Jason Chaffetz, FOX News contributor and former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, on “America’s Newsroom,” expressing concern about the direction of the committee under new chairman, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. WATCH

Howard Kurtz: Pundit says media should expose Trump in 2020 campaign.
Republicans taking no-mercy approach to even longshot 2020 Democrats.
Gillette addresses ‘toxic masculinity‘ in new ad campaign.

Bernie Sanders to introduce bill to raise federal minimum wage to $15.
Sears bankruptcy and the need for transparency.
Gymboree to file for bankruptcy, close 900 stores: Report.
Smaller tax refunds could hurt U.S. auto sales in 2019: Report.
U.S. economy has good momentum in 2019: Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida.
U.S. veteran unemployment rate hits all-time low in 2018.


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2009: “Miracle on the Hudson”: US Airways Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger lands his Airbus 320 in the Hudson River after a flock of birds disabled both engines; all 155 people aboard survive.
1981: The police drama series “Hill Street Blues” premieres on NBC.
1967: The Green Bay Packers of the National Football League defeat the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League 35-10 in the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game, retroactively known as Super Bowl I.
1892: The original rules of basketball, devised by James Naismith, are published for the first time in Springfield, Mass., where the game originated.

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