FOX NEWS FIRST: New migrant caravan swells to thousands amid shutdown; Democrats’ 2020 caravan grows

FOX NEWS FIRST: New migrant caravan swells to thousands amid shutdown; Democrats' 2020 caravan grows

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Developing now, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019

NEW CARAVAN GROWS: A new U.S.-bound caravan that formed in Honduras quickly grew to approximately 2,000 people Tuesday as it made its way toward Mexico … Mexicans who live along the border towns that will likely be most affected were not very happy and took to the Internet to lash out against another wave of migrants. “Mexico is just like your country,” one resident, Belem Gonzales said. “There are many problems and needs, and you’re not going to be much better off than you were in Honduras. Please don’t trust these manipulative agitators who are encouraging you to risk everything for nothing.”

As word of the new caravan’s growth spread, back in Washington the opposing sides in the partial government shutdown continued to stand their ground, with no signs of compromise and no end in sight. President Trump said that a “drone flying around” will not stop the new migrant caravan, doubling down on his claims that “Only a Wall will work.” Meanwhile, congressional Democrats rejected Trump’s invitation to a lunch meeting at the White House to discuss border security.


FORMER TRUMP ADVISER: BARR DESERVES BIPARTISAN SUPPORT – Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for William Barr, President Trump’s pick for U.S. attorney general, before the Senate Judiciary Committee saw few fireworks. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who heads the committee, conceded that Democrats had asked appropriate questions … However, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., charged that Barr had indicated he would exploit legal “loopholes” to hide Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report from the public and to resist subpoenas against the White House.

In an op-ed for, David Bossie, former deputy chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign, said that if Democrats oppose Barr as attorney general, they would oppose anyone Trump endorses. It would mean, Bossie writes, that “they hate this president more than they love our country.”

GILLIBRAND JOINS 2020 CARAVAN: U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., announced during Tuesday’s taping of Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” that she has formed an exploratory committee for a 2020 presidential run, reversing her previous reassurances that she would continue to serve in the Senate instead … Gillibrand, 52, will be entering an increasingly crowded field of Democrats seeking to unseat President Trump. She spoke largely in generalities on Tuesday, as she vowed to take on powerful “special interests” and work on behalf of children.

Fox News has learned that Gillibrand is heading to Iowa, which hosts the pivotal first-in-the-nation caucuses, on Friday for a meeting and fundraiser with local Democrats.

BENGHAZI HAUNTS OBAMA ALLIES, CLINTON: A federal judge ruled Tuesday that former national security adviser Susan Rice and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes must answer written questions about the State Department’s response to the deadly 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, as part of an ongoing legal battle over whether Hillary Clinton sought to deliberately evade public record laws by using a private email server while secretary of state … U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth denied a request by the conservative group Judicial Watch to make Rice and Rhodes sit for depositions, but agreed to have them answer written questions. He also agreed to Judicial Watch’s request to depose the State Department about the preparation of talking points for Rice, then President Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, ahead of appearances on political talk shows the Sunday following the attack.

BREXIT IN CHAOS, BRITAIN’S PM FACES NO-CONFIDENCE VOTE: British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a crushing defeat Tuesday as Parliament overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit deal with the European Union — a defeat that places the future of Brexit in doubt and intensified calls for May’s ouster via a general election ... May’s withdrawal agreement was voted down 432-202, the largest defeat for a prime minister in the history of the House of Commons. May was expected to lose, but the extent by which she lost was significant and marked a devastating blow for her leadership and her ability to go back to Brussels and negotiate further concessions.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, immediately tabled a motion of no confidence in the government, which is likely to be debated on Wednesday. Should that pass, it could eventually lead to a snap general election if another government is not formed within two weeks.

The U.K. is set to leave the European Union on March 29, more than two years after a nationwide referendum triggered exit negotiations. The implications of Tuesday’s vote are not yet clear. The U.K. could leave the EU without a formal exit deal, something that many members of Parliament on both sides, including May, have said would lead to significant disruption.


‘ROAD MAP OF CORRUPTION’ – “Mr. Barr, there are no shortage of corrupt Trump haters to investigate. And many with a lot of power that they’ve abused. No shortage of crimes here.” –  Sean Hannity, on “Hannity,” arguing there is a long list of potential new investigations for William Barr is he is confirmed as Trump’s new attorney general. WATCH

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2007: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., launches his bid for the White House.
1991: White House announces the start of Operation Desert Storm to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. (Allied forces would prevail on Feb. 28, 1991.)
1920: Prohibition begins in the United States as the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which banned the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages) takes effect, one year to the day after its ratification. (It would later repealed by the 21st Amendment.)

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