FOX NEWS FIRST: Dems hit the beach in Puerto Rico while shutdown shows no end, new caravan forms

FOX NEWS FIRST: Dems hit the beach in Puerto Rico while shutdown shows no end, new caravan forms


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Developing now, Monday, Jan. 14, 2019

SHUTDOWN SHENANIGANS – NO WORK AND ALL PLAY FOR DEMS: With the longest government shutdown in U.S. history entering its fourth week, some 30 Democrats are under fire for traveling to Puerto Rico this weekend to meet with lobbyists and to see a special performance of “Hamilton”While the Democrats also planned on attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC gathering in San Juan and met with Puerto Rican officials to discuss ongoing cleanup efforts from Hurricane Maria, Republicans were angered over images of their Democratic colleagues enjoying the island’s beaches.

“While [President Trump] is in DC working to resolve the government shutdown and secure our border, Democrats are hitting the beach and partying with lobbyists,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted.

Democrats soaked in the sun while a new potential crisis was also on the horizon at the border. A new caravan was reportedly forming in Honduras with plans to head toward the U.S.


WILL BOTH SIDES RETURN TO THE BARGAINING TABLE? –  Congress is set to return Monday for its first full week of work since Democrats assumed control of the House and neither President Trump nor Democratic lawmakers show signs of relenting in the battle over the border wall at the center of the partial government shutdown In an interview with “FOX News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., recommended that President Trump open the government for a period of time – perhaps three weeks – while resuming negotiations and trying to reach a deal with Democrats. If Democrats still refuse to compromise on a deal after three weeks, Graham said, Trump should resort to emergency options to get funding for the border wall.

Meanwhile, the effects are the partial government shutdown are beginning to manifest. Trump is expected to sign legislation this week authorizing back pay for 800,000 federal workers who either have been idled or are working without pay during the shutdown. He is expected to address the American Farm Bureau on Monday. Farmers have supported Trump through a trade war with China, but some are complaining about the loss of loans, payments and other agricultural services because of the shutdown.

Canadian air traffic controllers are buying pizzas for their American counterparts in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Anchorage, Alaska, as a show of support. Some 10,000 air traffic controllers in the U.S. have been working without pay since Dec. 22.

A terminal at Miami International Airport is set to reopen Monday after being closed at times over the weekend due to a shutdown-induced staff shortage. Transportation Security Administration agents have been calling out sick to protest not being paid for their work.

KIDNAPPING-MURDER SUSPECT TO BE CHARGED: The suspect in the kidnapping of a Wisconsin teen and the killing of her parents is scheduled to be formally charged in his first court appearance on Monday … Jake Thomas Patterson , 21, is set to make his initial appearance in Barron County Circuit Court, where prosecutors will formally charge him with two counts of intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping.

Investigators believe Patterson broke into James and Denise Closs’ home near Barron on Oct. 15, blowing the front door open with a shotgun blast. They say he then gunned the couple down and abducted their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme.

Patterson allegedly held Closs captive for nearly three months until she escaped and was spotted on the street, leading to his arrest. Closs’s aunt told FOX News that Patterson had “absolutely” no contact with the family before the slayings. Court documents on Monday could shed light on his alleged motives.

TRUMP TWEET STORM TARGETS BEZOS, WARREN: Two longtime foes of President Trump – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and potential 2020 challenger, Sen. Elizabeth Warren – felt his wrath on Twitter Sunday night … The president coined a new nickname for the Amazon founder, “Jeff Bozo,” and praised the “far more accurate” National Enquirer reporting that revealed Bezos’ alleged affair at the expense of Bezos’ own outlet, The Washington Post. Bezos announced his divorce from wife MacKenzie Bezos last Wednesday, and news of the billionaire’s relationship with former television anchor Lauren Sanchez broke soon afterward.

Trump also mocked Warren, D-Mass., over her New Year’s Eve Instagram livestream Sunday night, saying that the video would have been a “smash” if it had been done “from Bighorn or Wounded Knee instead of her kitchen.”

RAISING THE BARR: William Barr, President Trump’s pick to be the next U.S. attorney general, is expected to be grilled this week during his Senate confirmation hearing before a sharply divided Senate Judiciary Committee … The committee has a new chairman, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Barr on Tuesday will be facing several Democrats who may have 2020 presidential campaign ambitions, including Sen. Cory Booker on New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Barr was attorney general under President George H.W. Bush. He is expected to face questions about his record, his relationship with Trump and his goals for the Justice Department and his views on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.


THE POINT OF THE RUSSIA PROBE – “I really think that the investigation was about Trump from the beginning … That’s what this was all about.” Andrew McCarthy, FOX News contributor, on “FOX & Friends Weekend,” saying that he’s surprised people are “whipped up” about a New York Times report of a secret FBI investigation into whether Trump was working on behalf of Russia shortly after he fired former director James Comey. WATCH

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