Bob’s Story

I worked in IT for 36 years and just retired. The last 20 years, I saw hordes of H-1B contract personnel from India, Asia and a few Middle East countries in the offices.

I knew and ran into many U.S. citizens with IT college educations and skills looking for decent positions to support their families. When I saw some of the accounting data on project and support costs of these temporary workers seven years ago, I was shocked. My company was paying $80,000 a year to outsourcing companies for each Indian contractor. Each contractor received additional monies for living expenses to be here.

On top of it, we had to constantly correct and double check their work, spending extra hours testing and retesting their work. We had to perform after-the-fact fixes for many things. We were paid a salary, no bonuses and worked 60 to 90 hours a week. The H-1B workers received comp time for extra hours, while we were told to “suck it up and be professional.”


23 Aug. 2019