Biden is out of the Gate with Aggressive Immigration Plan

Dear All:

Inauguration day has come and gone, leaving those of us in the movement with little more to do than simply look agape as the corporatocracy gloriously reinstalled itself under the watchful gaze of 25,000+ National Guard and Regular Army soldiers.

Workers install barbed wire on a fence outside the Capitol Building.
Workers install barbed wire on a fence outside the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, on Jan. 19.

Despite an offer to “reward work, rebuild the middle class and make health care secure for all” in his speech, within hours of the inauguration President Biden announced his intention to back an immigration bill that is so outrageous it would make the crafters of the Gang of Eight bill green with envy.

What’s in the bill? In a nutshell it:

– Provides a pathway to citizenship for a large swath of immigrants who have a “destabilized” status in the U.S. This could impact more than 11 million immigrants by providing temporary legal status and allowing them to apply for Green Cards after five years if they meet certain requirements. Three years hence, they will become eligible to apply for citizenship.

– Will give a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients, essential workers, those with temporary protected status and immigrant farmworkers.

– Addresses immigrant visa backlogs.

– Exempts doctoral graduates in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields from visa limits. They will get to staple a Green Card to their degrees, formalizing the role universities play in giving foreigners a pathway to citizenship.

– Grants work permits for spouses and children of temporary worker visa holders.

For those who joined us in beating back H.R. 1044/S. 386, the misnamed Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, you are going to be disappointed. The “reducing the visa backlog” provision found in this bill is essentially H.R. 1044 all over again. It would appear the Deep State never sleeps, especially when they want to maintain their cheap labor pipeline.

One thing I will say about the Biden bill is that it is appropriately named. It has been dubbed the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. It seeks to aggressively and excessively grant citizenship to millions of people, regardless of the cost to America’s productive classes. To the Deep State, the concept of citizenship and the responsibilities it invokes are an arcane impediment to the pursuit of profit in a complex and impersonal global economy.

Social critic Curtis White describes it well in his book The Spirit of Disobedience:

“But of course it was just exactly those Western countries that would work hardest in the postwar era to implement Lime’s profitable ethic. It is Western, corporate, globalized capital that has worked to turn people into dots for the purpose of more efficiently working a complex economic apparatus. Move this many millions of people out of industry and into high tech. No, the high tech is going to India. So, move this many millions of people out of high tech and into the service sector. Not needed there? Well, then they’re just not needed. Many millions of our fellow citizens are told in not subtle ways on a daily basis that they are basically not needed. For anything. Ever. It is with these people that we fill our ever-growing prison systems. Our prisons are a form of warehousing for people who have been told from their youngest age that an education would be wasted on them because they are not needed.”

Tragically, the bad news does not end with Biden’s bill. Incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, a former lobbyist with deep ties to the tech world, in a memo directed that:

(a) all rules pending at the Federal Register that have not been published must be immediately withdrawn and

(b) agencies must “consider” postponing the effective dates for regulations that have been published, but not yet taken effect, for 60 days from the date of the memorandum.

This will include three reforms that directly impact skilled U.S. workers. Below are the rules and how we expect they will be impacted:

H-1B Specialty Occupation/Employer-Employee Relationship Rule that targets outsourcing companies BLOCKED

The directives given by Klain are a slap in the face to the skilled workers of America. With a nod to Curtis White, we are not needed in a Biden economy.

Looking over the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 and getting the measure of its supporters begs a couple of questions. Would a Democratic Party legislator in a moderate district or state vote for a bill that would assuredly antagonize a large block of voters? Is the Democratic Party asking members of both houses to commit legislative suicide?

Possibly. Or this could just be an attempt to raise the stakes in the opening round of debate. Either way, it will require the members of this movement to go once more into the breach and fight for our livelihoods.

In an opening salvo, I want to inform you of an upcoming protest. Like USTW, Doctors without Jobs is another project under the PFIR umbrella. DwJ is a program to bring awareness to the thousands of doctors in the U.S. who cannot get medical residencies, and thus can’t practice medicine. As we have sidelined our own U.S. doctors, in the last 10 years more than 40,000 foreign doctors have been given medical residencies at teaching hospitals in the U.S. – residencies that are paid for by you, the taxpayer!

Next Friday, Jan. 29, from 2 to 6pm in Washington, D.C., we will be outside the offices of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), 655 K Street, NW, to highlight this issue. The AAMC has thus far refused to address this problem that leaves U.S. doctors jobless and often with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for their medical education.

You may contact Dr. Caleb Atkins at  for additional information.

If you’re in the DC area, please join us in solidarity! And if you know of anyone who might be interested, please share this information!

In closing, if you want to make sure Biden’s bill never sees the light of day in Congress and the H-1B reforms enacted during the Trump administration promulgated, it is your duty as a citizen to call your U.S. representatives and senators and let your voices be heard. This is how you stop this. We will do our part, but we need you to do yours. Collectively, we can stop this!

We have done it before, and we will do it again. Despite the predilection of the plutocrats that we are not needed, we know we are needed. We are not only needed, but we are vitally important to the long-term peace and prosperity of the Republic.

In Solidarity.