Barry’s Story

I’d like to thank those behind this great informative website. I’d like to provide insights on issues at the two GSE companies, Freddie and Fannie. I wish someone would investigate how their IT division ended up with almost 90 percent Indian and Chinese workers – many on Green Cards (came on H-1B way back), but mostly H-1B. I am very familiar with these companies and how they have been abusing the H-1B visa in their hiring practices. The size of the IT division is not small at all. I believe it’s about 2,000 employees in the case of Freddie. It is a known fact to many that the tech departments are no longer diverse, as they are almost entirely male and Indian. U.S. workers, myself included, find the current work environment very difficult to deal with.I was in a team of about 12, and only two, including me, were non-Indian. Indian languages are spoken everywhere inside the building.


5 April 2018