Author & Tech Worker Hilarie Gamm Responds To The Business Round Table Letter Regarding Employment Visas

We had the pleasure of spending some time this week  with author and tech worker Hilarie Gamm. Hilarie is the author of the book Billions Lost, a book the chronicles the demise of US tech workers. Today we discussed the recent Business Round Table Letter that was sent by many of the nation’s CEOs to the Secretary of Homeland Security in an attempt to keep the Trump administration from slowing their sluppy of highly exploitable foreign labor. Hilarie wrote a rebuttal to their letter and that is what we devoted a good portion of our time to. We also discussed the Yoder amendments to the House homeland security appropriations bill and the H-4 visa program.

Here is a link to Hilarie’s rebuttal letter:

Here is a link to the letter addressed to the Secretary of Homeland Security From the Business Round Table. Read More.