Our mission is to foster a movement that unites tech workers, pressures the federal government for visa program reform and ensures companies hire U.S. tech workers first before recruiting abroad.



Founded in 2018, U.S. Tech Workers provides inspiration, leadership and resources to displaced tech workers every single day. Our goal is to combat the impacts of outsourcing American jobs. We do this by uncovering relevant facts related to what fuels the offshore pipeline of workers. Then we use this information to influence policy reform. We educate the general public and elected officials about how the continuous flow of workers from abroad impacts American jobs, the economy and national security. As well, we alert the public about the potential for compromised personal data when it is stored or processed abroad, and we promote policies that favor investing in our country and our workforce.

U.S. Tech Workers believes American technology workers come first. USTW brings national, regional and local attention to the negative impacts of job outsourcing. And we provide leadership and resources to fight policies that favor the unrestricted movement of capital, data and workers across international borders. Bottom line, we believe that protecting U.S. technology workers and their jobs leads to a more productive, prosperous and secure America.

In 2020, thanks to committed unionized workers at the Tennessee Valley Authority and spurred on by a television spot developed by USTW, a jobs outsourcing plan that was in motion at the TVA was stopped in its tracks. After learning of the TVA outsourcing plans through the USTW ad, President Trump issued an Executive Order on Aligning Federal Contracting and Hiring Practices with the Interests of American Workers. The EO bans federal agencies from firing U.S. citizens or Green Card holders and replacing them with foreign labor. A long-time advocate and working member of the movement for fair immigration policies that benefit America and Americans said this was the biggest success for the movement he’d seen in 30 years.

At the signing event for the Executive Order, President Trump said, “Today, I am signing an executive order to ensure that the federal government lives by a very simple rule: hire American.”

USTW looks forward to more wins for American workers.

The SWAT Team was formed in August 2019 by a retired software engineer and has grown into a dedicated group of activists committed to effecting change in the H-1B visa system. Their phone calls, faxes and emails have gone out to voice opposition to multiple attempts by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to pass S. 386, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019, by unanimous consent.

The SWAT Team has monitored the opposition and countered their attacks. They’ve provided information to media showing decline in middle-class income, thanks to imported cheaper labor. The Team also has responded to numerous articles in the press, attended relevant meetings and shared the information via blog posts and articles, and obtained “spy” shots of H-1B-dominant worksites and shared on social media. In a nutshell, the Team is an important “information portal” on the H-1B issue.

They are making a difference!

Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Dick Durbin, Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli
Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Dick Durbin, Acting Sec. of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Acting Dir. USCIS Ken Cuccinelli

After passing in the House as H.R. 1044 in July 2019, we engaged in a fight to stop the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019 in the Senate (S. 386). Otherwise known as the Green Card giveaway to India, the articles below by Neil Munro at Breitbart chronicle part of this battle.

Articles of Interest

GOP Senate Plans Vote to Outsource College Graduate America
18 Sept. 2019
Investors are rushing a bill through the GOP-run Senate that would reward Indian college graduates for taking U.S. college-level jobs at low wages from young American graduates.

Senate to Vote on H-1B Program that Sneaks Billions in Payroll from GOP States
19 Sept. 2019
The H-1B program uses cheap foreign workers to replace American workers, and so it dramatically reduces payrolls in legislators’ districts, according to a comparison of two federal databases.

GOP Sen. Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway to Indian Workers by Sept. 27
20 Sept. 2019
Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee will try again to pass his S.386 bill, which grants Green Cards to India’s college graduates if they take jobs from American graduates.

Sen. Mike Lee’s America: Indian Firm in Chicago Paid Employees India-level Wages,Took Jobs from U.S. Graduates
22 Sept. 2019
An Indian-run company in Chicago illegally imported Indian graduates – and paid them Indian-level wages – to help snatch jobs from American graduates.

Donald Trump Ignores Sen. Lee’s Green Card Giveaway Bill at India Rally
23 Sept. 2019
President Donald Trump did not endorse Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s Green-Cards-for-India bill when he spoke at the Sunday rally in Texas attended by 50,000 Indian supporters of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Report: Georgia Loses More than $300 Million in Payroll from H-1B Workers
25 Sept. 2019
Georgia businesses lose hundreds of millions in sales each year because employers are replacing middle-class Georgians with cheap H-1B workers, according to a review of federal data.

Sen. David Perdue OKs Silicon Valley Takeover of College Graduate Job Market
25 Sept. 2019
Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) now supports Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) Green Card giveaway bill, which will allow investors to reward many more Indian graduates for taking middle-class jobs from American college graduates.

Sen. Mike Lee Urges Indian Workers to Lobby Top Democrat for Green Card Giveaway Bill
26 Sept. 2019
GOP Sen. Mike Lee urged Indian supporters of his Green Cards giveaway bill to press Democratic leader Sen. Dick Durbin to stand aside on Thursday so Lee can pass his bill which rewards Indian graduates who take jobs from American graduates.

Sen. Durbin Delays Green-Card Giveaway to India: He Wants a Bigger Giveaway
26 Sept. 2019
Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin has temporarily delayed Sen. Mike Lee’s Green-Card giveaway bill to Indian graduates because it does not give away enough Green Cards to foreign graduates from many countries.

Lawsuit: Intel’s Indian Managers Discriminated Against Korea-Born American
30 Sept. 2019
A Korean immigrant is suing chip-maker Intel Corp. for allegedly allowing its imported Indian managers to illegally favor the hiring and promotion of Indian job seekers.

Mike Lee Defends His Indian Outsourcing Giveaway
2 Oct. 2019
GOP Sen. Mike Lee is defending his S. 386 Green-Card giveaway bill by arguing that it will not increase the number of H-1B visas for foreign temporary workers.

Census: Indian Visa Workers Driving Americans Out of Middle-Class Jobs
2 Oct. 2019
Census data shows that one-in-seven software developers in Hudson County, New Jersey, were born in the United States, down from a six-in-seven share in 1980.

India’s Visa Worker Lobby: Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Echoes Racial Segregationists
7 Oct. 2019
The Indian visa workers who helped Sen. Mike Lee come close to passing his Indian Green Card giveaway bill are now portraying Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin as a racist for blocking the bill.

Indian H-1B Visa Workers Protest U.S. Senator, Demand More Green Cards
14 Oct. 2019
Indian H-1B visa workers are pressuring Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin to quit his opposition to a bill that gives fast-track Green Cards and citizenship to Indians who agree to take jobs from American college graduates.

Ken Cuccinelli to Media: Immigration Must Help Americans, Not Only the Economy
16 Oct. 2019
The federal government’s immigration policy must benefit ordinary Americans, not just American investors, citizenship chief Ken Cuccinelli told reporters on Wednesday.

GOP Sen. Kennedy Blocks Democrat Bill to Import More Indian Workers
17 Oct. 2019
Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy has blocked a bill drafted by a top Democratic Senator that would accelerate the flow of Indian visa workers and immigrants into Americans’ office jobs.

Sen. Mike Lee Thanks India’s Visa-Workers for Pressuring U.S. Senators to Export U.S. Jobs
18 Oct. 2019
A GOP Senator met with more than 100 Indian contract workers in Congress and publicly urged them to lobby U.S. Senators for passage of his legislation to give citizenship to more Indian workers who push middle-class Americans out of college-graduate jobs.

Lobbyist for India’s Outsourcing Industry May Take Over DHS
21 Oct. 2019
Chad Wolf, a former lobbyist for India’s huge job-outsourcing industry is a top candidate to take over the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

India’s Visa Workers Raise Funds to Launch Attack Ads on U.S. Politicians
21 Oct. 2019
India’s contract workers in the United States are raising funds to run attack ads against the Democrat Senator who is blocking their demand for fast-track Green Cards.

U.S. CEOs to Indian Government: Send us Millions of Your College Graduates
24 Oct. 2019
Many millions of Indian graduates should be allowed to take white-collar jobs from U.S. college graduates, says a coalition of top U.S. business leaders.

USCIS Agency Rejects More H-1B Visa Workers
29 Oct. 2019
Agency officials have reduced the approval rate for foreign H-1B outsourcing workers, so helping American graduates who are being squeezed by the one-two punch of 800,000 H-1B visa workers.

Again?: GOP Sen. Mike Lee Keeps Pushing College Job Giveaway to Indians
31 Oct. 2019
Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee is expected to try again on Thursday to pass his S. 386 bill, which helps India’s graduates grab hundreds of thousands of college level jobs from American graduates.

Sen. Dick Durbin to India’s Visa Workers: ‘It Is Good that You Come to America’
4 Nov. 2019
A group of India’s H-1B contract workers surrounded Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) to demand he support Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) S. 386 bill, which gives citizenship to more Indian graduates if they take jobs from Americans.

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis Touts Green Card Giveaway to India’s Outsourcing Workers
6 Nov. 2019
GOP Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is championing legislation to reward Indian workers who take jobs sought by American college graduates.

American Families Must ‘Accommodate the World’s Ambition’ to Be Part of America
8 Nov. 2019
American families must “accommodate the world’s ambition to be part of the future of America,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) told a pro-migration group on Thursday.

Officials: DHS Chief Chad Wolf Is ‘100 Percent in Line’ with Donald Trump’s Agenda
12 Nov. 2019
Administration officials are backing Chad Wolf as a safe choice for the job of acting secretary at the Department of Homeland Defense.

Ken Cuccinelli Gets Transfer from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to DHS
13 Nov. 2019
Ken Cuccinelli will take the second-ranking job at the Department of Homeland Security, alongside former lobbyist Chad Wolf, who will work as the acting secretary of the agency.

Sen. Mike Rounds Pushes EB-5 Visa Bill Which Aids Chinese, Indian Migrants,Coastal Cities
17 Nov. 2019
South Dakota GOP Sen. Mike Rounds has drafted a bill that would help wealthy Chinese buy citizenship — and would also help steer investment away from the heartland states towards the increasingly wealthy states on the coasts.

India’s Ambassador Lobbies Congress to Get Green Cards for U.S.-Based Workers
6 Dec. 2019
India’s ambassador on Wednesday acknowledged a meeting with Sen. Dick Durbin, the top Democrat who is blocking GOP Sen. Mike Lee’s S. 386 bill that would accelerate the inflow of Indian graduates into the professional jobs sought by American graduates.

India’s Visa Workers Lash Out at Dick Durbin for ‘Poison Pill’ in S. 386 Talks
16 Dec. 2019
The leading lobbying group for India’s massive workforce in the United States is claiming that Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin has torpedoed closed-door talks with GOP Sen. Mike Lee.

Mike Lee Expands India-Giveaway Bill, Creates Work Permit Program
17 Dec. 2019
GOP Sen. Mike Lee’s revised S. 386 Indian-giveaway bill makes a huge change in immigration law to help more than 600,000 Indians – but also may allow investors to flood the white-collar labor market with at least 100,000 extra foreign college-graduate workers each year.

GOP Sen. Mike Lee Predicts Quick Passage of S. 386 Visa-to-Voter Bill
18 Dec. 2019
Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and GOP Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) predicted Wednesday that they would pass their revised S. 386 bill, which opens a new pathway for more foreign temporary workers to stay, take Americans’ jobs, and lobby for more Green Cards.

Munro: Wash Post Excludes U.S. Graduates from Migration, Outsourcing Politics
21 Dec. 2019
The Washington Post has produced an article about Sen. Mike Lee’s S.386 Green Card giveaway to Indian visa workers, but it excludes the voices of the many American graduates who are losing salaries and careers.

Trump Says We Don’t Have Enough American Workers to Fill Skilled Labor Jobs
12 Jan. 2020
President Donald Trump told Fox News TV host Laura Ingraham on Friday his 2021 plans to welcome more foreign graduates will not flood the labor market for U.S. college graduates.