Enemies Among Us

California Congressman Eric Swalwell on a special-interest funded trip to Qatar, spring 2021. Only the most willfully obtuse on Capitol Hill would deny that the Biden administration’s neglect of wide-open borders might lead to a national security crisis. Estimates vary on how many foreign nationals from numerous countries have unlawfully crossed the U.S. [Read more]
By Joe Guzzardi November 29, 2021
Build Back Better Bad News for U.S. Tech Workers, Environmentalists
By Joe Guzzardi  November 12, 2021
  While a disbelieving nation is focused on the endless border crisis, more immigration sleight of hand is ongoing in Washington. Cloaked in Congress-speak, the troubling details of the Build Back Better Act (BBB) are being hidden from a bad-news weary public.
DOJ Slaps Facebook’s Wrist for Subverting U.S. Tech Workers
By Joe Guzzardi  October 21, 2021
The Department of Justice caught social media titan Facebook blatantly reserving jobs for, and then hiring, foreign-born H-1B visa workers. In December 2020, the Immigrant and Employee Rights Section (IER) in DOJ’s Civil Rights Division filed a complaint against Facebook with the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer.