Chamber of Commerce Wins Big, U.S. Tech Workers Lose

A George W. Bush federal judge appointee voided a Trump-era H-1B regulation that switched the visa allocation system from a random selection lottery to a process that prioritizes higher-wage jobs. [Read more]
By Joe Guzzardi September 28, 2021
Congress, Don't Be So America Last!
By Kevin Lynn  September 14, 2021
Late Friday evening, the House Judiciary Committee unveiled the immigration provisions they’d like inserted into the 2022 budget reconciliation bill.
Despite Pandemic, International Student Enrollment Endures
By Joe Guzzardi  September 13, 2021
Amidst COVID-19 chaos and confusion, the new academic year has started. At some institutions, weekly COVID-19 testing for students, including those who are fully vaccinated, and mask requirements, regardless of vaccination status, are required indoors and outdoors. Faculty and staff members are subject to the same rigorous requirements.