Only 29% of the tech workforce in the heart of Silicon Valley are U.S. citizens

Join us in protecting the U.S. Workforce with responsible H-1B Visa Reform

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Our mission is to foster a movement that unites tech workers, pressures the federal government for visa program reform and ensures companies hire U.S. tech workers first before recruiting abroad.

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We developed a powerful database showing the U.S. jobs employers want to fill with citizens from other countries. When a company submits a labor condition application (LCA) for a position, it is either filling a job opening or looking to displace a U.S. worker. If an application is successful, it will be at least three years before an American could fill that position. 

“I am an American tech worker – a veteran woman software engineer but have been unable to find a tech job for 3+ years.”

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Report: H-1Bs Not ‘Best and Brightest’

Since the Immigration Act of 1990 created the H-1B visa, the debate surrounding its value has been intense. Supporters contend that H-1Bs are needed to fill an acute talent shortage among U.S. tech workers; critics maintain that the visa cravenly serves to import...

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