Mayorkas: From Border Calamity to Subverting U.S. Labor Market

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas isn’t content with criminally and unconstitutionally throwing open the Southwest border to all comers, disrupting the lives of border state residents and putting Americans at risk of hostile enemy attacks. [Read more]
By Joe Guzzardi December 22, 2021
Caught! Wage Thieves Abusing Employment Visa Holders
By Joe Guzzardi  December 16, 2021
Economic Policy Institute analysts Ron Hira, a Howard University associate professor, and his colleague Daniel Costa, EPI’s director of U.S.
Enemies Among Us
By Joe Guzzardi  November 29, 2021
Only the most willfully obtuse on Capitol Hill would deny that the Biden administration’s neglect of wide-open borders might lead to a national security crisis. Estimates vary on how many foreign nationals from numerous countries have unlawfully crossed the U.S. borders, but the independent news agency Axios put the total at 160.